Automated & Manual Testing

Hats Off Solutions - Automated testing & Manual Testing

Why Your Business Needs QA Automation Testing Services?

Automation testing is an excellent way to ensure that new product versions do not break functionality or introduce new bugs.

Compared to manual testing, QA automation offers many benefits that can cut costs, radically reduce time to market, optimize development workflows, and dramatically improve end-product quality.

Leverage Our Automation Testing Services to Reap the Benefits

Hats Off Solutions - Automated testing & Manual Testing Faster Time to Market

Automated tests are a way faster than a group of manual test engineers. Tests can also run in parallel, so multiple devices, platforms, or browsers can simultaneously undergo automation testing.

Hats Off Solutions - Automated testing & Manual Testing Increased Cost Savings

New code can break things, so periodic regression testing is a must. To guarantee quality, automated tests can run as many times as needed — without having to pay for manual testing over and over.

Hats Off Solutions - Automated testing & Manual Testing Rule Out Human Error

A person performing lengthy or repetitive testing can accidentally skip a scenario step or forget to document an error. Automation testing improves quality by running your tests in a 100% consistent manner.

Automation Framework

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Quick and seamless integration into your workflow and fast results delivering

The framework brings together the power of industry-standard tools, custom drivers and connectors, automation best practices, and beautiful, sophisticated reporting. Our solution is highly flexible and easy to maintain, meaning we can add or remove modules to automatically test any application or API, whether desktop or mobile.

Web Testing Automation

Hats Off helps companies involved in large-scale web development projects to maximize test automation capabilities while improving the quality of their QA and reducing expenses. We have the talent and tools to quickly kick off and scale automation across multiple browsers, devices, and test environments.

At the core of our expertise is a ready-to-go web automation framework that can smoothly integrate with your workflows and deliver instant, incremental value. We’ll help you power continuous delivery of cool new features without breaking old stuff. We test all things web, including web apps, websites, portals, SPAs, and mobile web.

Your Benefits

Hats Off Solutions - Automated testing & Manual Testing Quick Start

Deploy our modular framework in under 5 days to run automated testing for web and mobile web functionality of any kind and complexity. Hire a battle-hardened AQA team with established processes in place, and start reaping benefits from sprint 0.

Hats Off Solutions - Automated testing & Manual Testing Reduced Costs

Watch automated QA start beating manual testing in terms of cost reduction as early as sprint 12. Cut your total product development costs by enabling web engineers to shorten the feedback loop and discover regressions at the earliest.

Hats Off Solutions - Automated testing & Manual Testing Scalability

Take full advantage of our framework’s architecture to increase the number of tests running across several browsers on a single machine (virtual or physical). You can always add a node to complete even more tests at a time.

Hats Off Solutions - Automated testing & Manual Testing Accelerated Delivery

Run a battery of functional and regression tests across multiple browsers in parallel — all without increasing test time. Deliver with confidence while completing release sign-offs in a matter of hours, not days.

Hats Off Solutions - Automated testing & Manual Testing Progress Visibility

Let your stakeholders make smart go/no-go decisions about the project via visualized and easy-to-grasp sign-off reports that can be shared via web dashboards, email, or PDF. Get a 360-degree view of the product quality across platforms and devices.

Hats Off Solutions - Automated testing & Manual Testing Improved Quality

Roll out a better product by running test suites as many times as you need — without compromising coverage. We automate over 90% of your web or mobile functionality, including visual regression testing, multiple browser interactions, media playback, printing, file handling, and more.

Tests We Run

To help you keep rolling out a high-quality web product at reduced cost, the Hats Off team has the expertise to cover all test automation needs you may have:

  • Functional testing
  • Regression testing
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Integration testing
  • Field validation testing
  • UI testing
  • Mockup testing
  • Localization testing

Now is the time to infuse these test automation opportunities into your web development project. Drop us a quick message, and we will get back to you shortly to discuss implementation.

API Testing Automation

Make sure any APIs you use — whether third-party or your own — work as expected no matter what. With automation, API testing becomes an easy task that can be completed an order of magnitude faster.

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  • API testing automation, including SOAP web services and RESTful APIs
  • Support for all industry-standard data serialization formats (JSON, XML, plain text, etc.)
  • Custom-tailored HTTPClient for optimum results
  • Non-UI functional testing
  • Component integration testing

Manual Software Testing Services

As the applications and systems become more complex, enterprises face unique challenges in functional testing to achieve the ‘perfect’ production quality for software. With robust testing processes and technology experience, corporations need strong domain skills for performing effective functional testing.

  • Hats Off brings a unique blend of testing processes, tools and technology expertise, and domain knowledge to ensure that the product is delivered without defects in an accelerated time frame.
  • We undertake the complete responsibility for the testing activities from creating an optimized test plan to post production support.
  • Hats Off provides end to end manual testing services for your functional testing needs with a foundation of matured test processes, in-house accelerators, and experience of all industry-leading functional testing tools.
  • Hats Off adopt a user-centric testing approach, delivering continuous value improvement in our engagements. We ensure complete traceability of the business requirements to the test cases designed and executed for extensive test coverage.
  • As a professional company for manual testing, we provide extensive reporting with customized dashboards at regular intervals to keep you on top of the testing progress and defects.

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Hats Off differentiators:

Hats Off Solutions differentiates itself from the competition by sharing a complete different perspective towards their clients as partners and the high-end contribution from Hats Off Solutions is always useful in providing the highest customer experience to form a program that provides substantial business results.

Communication with Clients
  • Effective and honest communication is one of the building blocks for a successful business.
  • Knows Clients Requirements and Design a Project with low cost and high efficiency, with best quality.
  • Continously sends Reports to CLients and take feedbacks.
  • Expertise on a wide range of applications, including the web, desktop, mobile, packaged products etc.
  • Support various development methodologies, like Agile, waterfall, DevOps, and Hybrid models and work collaboratively with the development teams
  • Involved early in the project lifecycle to lower the cost of quality
Professional Testings
  • Testing professionals with comprehensive experience across domains
  • Test requirement techniques to ensure Bi-Directional traceability
  • Organized approach to testing and the organization of test cases to promote repeatability
  • Risk-based Testing Methodology addressing Business, Project, and Technology risks